The W&MR rises again

We are in our new house, and the Wellington Garden Rail club have been around already for one track planning convocation.

I'd like to say a special thank-you to John, the Brians and David for dropping in to help plan my garden railroad. I encourage everyone building a layout to hold a group planning session early. I thought I had the plan pretty much done, and I was hoping for stress testing and validation of the plan, with a few extra ideas. What I got was fresh perspective which resulted in a complete change of mind and a whole new plan.

When John and Brian 1 proposed a raised track through the shrubbery and trees, my initial reaction was to question their sanity even more than usual, and to point out that the idea clearly wouldn't work because the gradients were too steep. They aren't and it does work. My son and I measured the grades later.

Instead of a fairly ordinary layout I am on a journey to something that isn't totally unique but still very special. Thanks guys. I'll call when the engineering gets heavy.