Wettington outdoor G scale cab control panel

This control panel contains all the throttles and assigns them to two power supplies and to two output cab busses which are used by another panel to do block cab assignment. [This railroad W&MR Version 1 is now defunct, and this panel is now installed indoors for future power to the Version 2 W&MR.]

See also the wiring diagram
Uses a cheap plastic toolbox as the case, with some of the internal dividers cut out. The lid has been modified to be detachable.
The panel houses three throttles:
A Digitrax Zephyr DCC connected to a Lenz LV101 5-amp booster and a Digitrax UR91 radio throttle connection.
An Aristrocraft radio throttle.
A homemade 8-amp DC throttle (not finished).
A plug patch panel connects any two 22V inputs to any two of the three cabs to the two cab output lines (or both output lines can be connected to the DCC cab for an all-DCC layout). The two output lines run to the Mahawatu block-control panel (not built yet) so any block can be connected to either cab. A patch panel is infinitely easier and cheaper and more intuitive than a maze of switches to achieve all that interconnection.

there is a wooden block on the back of the panel which locks into the end of a 1 metre vertical pole of aluminium extrusion (once was part of a sliding door) which is concreted into the ground (into the station platform actually).

the pole is encased in agricultural drainage pipe to hide the wiring.

Wiring enters the control panel via a SCART plug.

Two PC charger power supplies mounted indoors supply 22V 6A DC and a third "wallwart" provides 12V DC for the Digitrax UR91.

finished (except for the DC throttle).