Trackbed work continues

Digging and laying out roadbed ballast.

Under the trees I've laid weedmat with a clay layer on top, because there were a lot of roots coming under the wooden lawn edging.

Elsewhere no weedmat cloth - I will spray with anti-germination weedkiller. Nothing green about this railway, it is set in about 1900.

I'm getting really brave (or foolhardy) under one tree where the track is laid on top of the ground on weedmat with a light ballast cover. The roots are too dense to dig a cutting (and the tree might not survive it) but I needed as low an elevation as possible so i didn't want to put it on timber etc...
We'll see how that works...

I will devise some sort of "tunnel" cover for the track under there.

Now I'm testing the drainage by flooding with a hose. Looks like I will have to go back and retrofit some drainage pipes.