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Creating wooden spline trackbed

Some of the W&MR is on the ground in a gravel roadbed, and some is elevated through gardens.

Styrene tunnel liner

After giving up on finding irrigation pipe at 300mm diameter and lengths of only 2m, I have used black 2mm styrene sheet as a tunnel liner on two tunnels.

A simple bridge disguises edging

The original timber lawn edging performed a retaining function at the top of a steepish slope so i didn't want to remove it but the "creekbed" ran under it, as we saw in a previous post.

labelling outdoor wiring using cable ties

Cable ties are dirt cheap and colourful. Tie them round wiring to create colour bands.

garden roadbed and tracklaying

Plastic trenching and sharp sand ballast make tracklaying go quickly and adjust easily. Soldering a jumper across every joint makes it go much more slowly!

garden railway level crossing for pedestrians

Strong enough to walk on, nothing to trip on after a few beers (other than a passing train)

Physical areas vs power districts

The Port Bonifacio railroad is sectional. So power feeds need to go to each section.

Mounting a Digitrax Zephyr on a panel

Not only do Digitrax's user interfaces suck, but so too do their hardware aesthetics.

The eyecrometer

I don't recall where I first heard the term "eyecrometer" or "Mark 1 EyeBall", but your own eye is one of the best measuring tools around.

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