memories of the W&MR

Videos of the first version of the W&MR

Last Run

The Pukerua Bay wind stayed away, the mist and drizzle washed the tracks, then the watery autumn sun warmed the railroad for the Grand Opening and the Last Run.

Demolishing a railroad

It is a tough call to demolish a railroad. it is an even tougher call to retire from one scale and sell all your gear. But that is what I am doing.

More summer running on the outdoor Wettington and Mahawatu Railway

Running in the reverse direction from the previous video.

Running trains!

The dual-track loop is completed, the first train ran a full circuit in early November, and a dozen friends from a local model railway club assembled on a chilly evening to watch trains run with no major problems!!

Wiring the W&MR

The W&MR has separate cab-control panel, near the seats and drinks, and block-control panel, near the complex junction. Power supplies are indoors with a cable out the window, with an automotive 6-way connector.

Wettington and Mahawatu Railway track plan

The track plan for the W&MR is a simple double loop around the outside of my enclosed garden area, circumference each about 30m.

Much gandydancing on the W&MR

Serious progress on the roadbed, more than half done. About 70% of the main loop has roadbed.

Static addresses

List of assigned static decoder ("switch")addresses

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