Port Bonifacio Construction

Construction uses a mix of new and traditional materials.

Wiring devices

The following devices have been invented or adopted by the SPL.

SPL1 Loconet distributor

Rolling stock standards

• Kadee-compatible couplers at correct height
• Wheels in gauge
• One tight truck, one free floating
• Weighted to NMRA standards
All SPL stock
• Wheels in gauge

Locomotive standards

• We can accommodate DC drives on special occasions, but in general all locos must be DCC equipped.
• Track design assumes all-wheel pickup

Track standards


The layouts

The first layout we built was known as South Pacific Lines and was in the basement in HO. Demolished: too cold and lonely.

Crew Handbook

Welcome to the crew of South Pacific Lines. We want to share the SPL, hence the invitation to join the crew. We will also encourage visitors, especially kids (but not on crew nights – see below). School tours are a good idea. I envision an annual open day to show the neighbours what we are up to, and to raise a little bit of money for a charity too.


• Report all maintenance incidents. An incident is a derailment, a short, unexpected dead track, rolling stock hitting something, something broken. “Report” means mark it with the correctly coloured pin (written on the pin box), and if possible write up an incident chit and pin the chit.
• If you have nothing to do, there will usually be a few incident chits to investigate and fix

Operating Rules

Prototypical activities will be observed: setting brakes, filling water etc. As much as possible there will be an animation or sound effect to fill the time so we don’t just stand around humming, eg press the button on the engine service track that triggers the coal-fill sound (which will only work if a loco is parked over the detector)

A philosophy of prototypical operation ( From Joe Fugate )

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