Wettington and Mahawatu Rwy site preparation

The Wettington and Mahawatu Railway site was already excavated to roughly level, but was pretty much a wasteland.

Port Bonifacio Upper Deck

The upper deck is permanently built into the room.

DCC control system

[Under construction]

W&MR construction

The W&MR is being built as a raised vegetable garden, to aid resale value. The beds are raised using locking concrete blocks.

Port Bonifacio Scenery

There won't be much.

Port Bonifacio trackwork

All mainline curves have easements, though some would be longer in a larger room. I chose 580mm (23”) minimum for big locos, passenger cars, modern freight.

Port Bonifacio Benchwork Design

The design is around the room on wide shelves. It is sectional, so pieces can be removed to work on them.

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