Wettington and Mahawatu Rwy Version 1

The Wettington and Mahawatu Railway Company

A G-scale narrow-gauge garden railroad, vaguely based on a New Zealand prototype. The Wellington and Manawatu Railway Company that ran within a mile of here, was new Zealand's only major private railroad, built on 3'6", and was based on mostly US equipment.

memories of the W&MR

Videos of the first version of the W&MR

Last Run

The Pukerua Bay wind stayed away, the mist and drizzle washed the tracks, then the watery autumn sun warmed the railroad for the Grand Opening and the Last Run.

Grand Opening and Final Run

We're moving, just as the W&MR nears completion. Sad but true, house already sold, and the new owner doesn't want the railroad. So up it all comes.

The realism of garden railroading

Part of the joy of outdoor model railroading is that so many elements are similar to the prototype. I level my right of way with a spade. I lay track in gravel ballast.

More summer running on the outdoor Wettington and Mahawatu Railway

Running in the reverse direction from the previous video.

Running trains!

The dual-track loop is completed, the first train ran a full circuit in early November, and a dozen friends from a local model railway club assembled on a chilly evening to watch trains run with no major problems!!

W&MR power supply

W&MR power supply

One 22V DC 6A laptop-charger power pack (one more to come) and one 12V wall-wart, mounted on an old piece of now-rare matai native timber framing from house renovations so i couldn't resist sanding an

W&MR power supply cable

W&MR power supply cable

This cable can be lifted in the window and plugged into the power supply unit inside, where all the mains voltage is safely kept

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