2A DC transistor throttle

Finished. Was used on peter's N scale layout for some time. has memory walkaround. next step; pulse and ultrarealistic behaviour; pump air, low on fuel etc...

HO scale camera car

Finished. It has video cam on an adjustable arm so it can film from down beside the rails or up above the loco. Can be pulled or pushed. Looks like nothing prototype but gives a great picture.

HO scale-sized FRED

This is a removable blinking red FRED with no wiring inside the rolling stock. It has a scale-size FRED with a small black unit hidden under the coupler box and wipers on the nearest truck.

TranzTrack G scale transfer table staging

I have built a six track transfer table for G-scale trains.

TranzDoor lifting door bridge

This is a fairly standard lifting bridge across the doorway, except for a couple of unusual aspects.

PanelPro dispatcher panel

[Under construction]

TranzPanel Slide-away control panel

The control panel is a custom-made drawer on ex-ATM sliders that slides under the layout when not in use.

SPL5 “Paua” manual turnout connector

This device connects to a DS54 to feed back turnout position information for mainline manually-controlled turnouts, as well as controlling frog polarity

SPL4 “Skink” DS54 connector

This device gets between a DS54 and the four cables going out to the Tuataras, allowing a 16-way cable to connect off to a remote control panel to duplicate (and disable) the functions of the fascia c

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