Trestle bridge

The Wettington and Mahawatu Railway finally has its trestle bridge.

train shed

The new train shed is done.

Based on a custom-made DuraTuf shed kit: I ordered a special one only 1.2m high, all one dark colour (no trim colour), with double doors for maximum access.

Wettington outdoor G scale cab control panel

This control panel contains all the throttles and assigns them to two power supplies and to two output cab busses which are used by another panel to do block cab assignment. [This railroad W&MR Version 1 is now defunct, and this panel is now installed indoors for future power to the Version 2 W&MR.]

TransBridge G scale liftout track bridge

To be built.
Double-track bridge 1.8 metres long, .3 metres wide.
Not hinged, just liftout
Aluminium angle frame, pop riveted.

Digitrax Zephyr wireless Jump throttle

Jack has various broken remote control cars. i also bought a great little working one from Dick Smith (similar to Tandy) for twelve bucks!

Insurance inventory

I have built an online system on this website to manage my inventory of locos, rolling stock, track, electronics, structures, vehicles, books, DVDs...

12V power supply

I can source from a recycler for about $15 large power supplies in a heavy case with front handle, fan, mains socket, switch, fuse, terminal strip etc etc

Microlighting using surface-mount LEDs

have done some experimenting. The roundhouse will have outside lights made this way. I see someone is selling these pre-soldered to leads.

Super-intuitive DCC throttle

Digitrax user interfaces suck, big time. i want a throttle I can hand to a visitor and they can use it with minimum instruction.

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