Rolling stock

we should get on to standardising/upgrading a chunk of the rolling stock collection so we have a nice reliable stable of stock to haul around.

Motive power

I am sampling all the loco brands: Athearn, Atlas, Kato and Proto2000 diesels. Athearns are OK, and if I ever build a big diesel fleet I'd use ‘em because they are cheap.

Design and construction principles

Principles behind especially the HO Port Bonifacio layout, in descending order of importance:

This is the foundation principle. SPL needs to work flawlessly, or as close as we can get. “Like a Swiss watch”. Operating is no fun if things go wrong, nor is just showing off our work to visitors. I have no patience for things that don’t work. Personally, getting things smooth does not give me great pleasure for its own sake, but failing to do so destroys the pleasure I get from the next four principles:


First venture onto the Web

Somewhere in 2003 I set up

I've lost access to the group :(

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