Locking concrete blocks

I recommend using interlocking concrete landscaping blocks to build garden beds.

Landscaping is easy with locking concrete blocks. They have a lip on the back so they interlock.

No mortar - rearrange them as you change your mind.

Build up to a metre high. Just lay on a good bed of levelled gravel - still no mortar.

They come in numerous sizes and colours. I use two sizes of a natural cement grey.

Tight curves are easy.

Build to any radius

Pretty good results are possible for a non-professional.


  • getting the initial base level is the key to success
  • make sure you have sufficient dug-out clearance behind them to allow for the batter (slope) as they rise in levels
  • whack the artifical lookinmg bits off the supposedly rough corners before you stack them
  • cut them with an angle grinder or masonry saw - very hard to scribe and split them cleanly like a paver or brick
  • don't forget to put conduit for water and electrical in
  • order more