Crew Rules

If some of this seems a bit blunt, sorry, but it is better to make this stuff clear and avoid any future misunderstandings.

1. We do it my way. My money, my house, my vision. That said, I intend to be consultative, but once I’ve heard ideas and opinions, it’s my call.
2. Safety first. Leave mains voltages to me. Use eye protection. Power and paint tools are for approved users only. Drink in moderation.
3. Everything is at your own risk.
4. Learning is a responsibility: I need advice and discussion. Preferably know more than me about MR – at least aim to know as much. Expect to be learning all the time (and not just at crew nights).
5. Discuss with me before inviting anyone. I reserve the right to limit numbers (probably four to six: aiming for two or three attending each night plus me) and to approve crew. In general, crew nights are not for visitors, unless there as honorary operating crew. There isn’t room. Arrange another time for them to come see SPL.
6. Crew nights are not for young kids, sorry (hmm just watch me keeping Jack out). We will have kids’ sessions. Bring them then. Older kids can join the crew, learn, get certified….
7. Breakages happen but not often if you respect the gear. Declare it and I’ll wear it. Hiding or ignoring damage is unforgivable.
8. I seldom lend anything (tools, materials, books). Anything removed offsite (e.g. to work on) is agreed by me and goes in a register so I don’t forget.
9. I own everything built with my materials and/or in my workshops. I know you are investing heaps of time and effort, but I still think this is fair. More precisely, I have first claim on everything. There will be times when I “shed” unwanted gear: high value items may be sold, but most will go to crew if you want it.
10. We will happily host your stuff on SPL too (structures, rolling stock, locos), where it meets SPL standards. Just make sure I write down it is yours.
11. I provide materials, tools, food and drink. All other expenses are your own (eg other modelling, travel, subscriptions…)
12. There will be work nights and (later) operating nights (we won’t mix activity). Everyone is expected to contribute: this may be play but there isn’t room for loafers. It isn’t fair on the rest of the crew. We need to finish the job before we relax – there will be time for both. We can arrange bull sessions or magazine readings – just not on crew night.
13. Crew pick their desired activities and tasks: I get to approve. Where several people want something, seniority counts (but let’s share so we help fellow crew to get experience and learn).
14. Own up if you don’t feel proficient at a task yet. We’ will work out a learning program but please don’t cut your teeth on the SPL. There will be certification programs for some activities before I let you loose on the SPL, especially for kids.
15. The crew resolves any disputes by “jury” (unless I disagree with the resolution – see rule 1)
16. Rude behaviour, abuse and aggression are of course unacceptable and will probably result in you being asked to leave the crew. Keep your cool and appeal to the crew.
17. Clowning around and practical jokes are funny unless they impact safety, are overdone, or diminish other crew members’ enjoyment.
18. Trains operate, they don’t race or play around. These are not toys.
19. I notify crew nights in advance. If you say you’ll be there, be there.
20. We start 8:00 sharp. House opens 7:30. Please stay until 10:00.
21. I need to work next day. Activity ends about 10:00 or 10:30. Lights out 11:00 (unless you and I both feel like a late one)