garden edging as an indoor fascia

here's an idea for cheap tough quick fascia for your benchwork. I bought 150mmm-wide, 5mm-thick garden edging, made from recycled plastic - the stuff you run along the edge of garden beds to keep the mulch in. it is hard, black, very tough (although the surface will scratch and scuff - it is not hard like acrylic, more like hard PET-A). And cheap: 20m roll for 25 tiny New Zealand dollars.

It would be hard to paint, but the point is you don't need to. It has a rough-hewn look, not shiny. but that is good: focuses attention on the layout not the fascia.

the garden edging has a slightly fattened and rounded edge and it is very robust - a bit too robust if your head meets it when under the layout :D

It bends well. i screwed it on with drywall screws, covered with little plastic caps sold for that purpose.

I cut it with a Stanley-knife. This is hard work, it is very tough. A saw might be better but a knife makes no mess.

I cut openings for Digitrax outlets and for a turntable controller. It took screws for the Digitrax panels beautifully, no drilling, held firmly. The turntable controller is a press fit: the plastic is hard enough yet with just enough give that press-fitting works beautifully. It is easy to trim slivers off with a knife to get the right fit.

i will contour the upper edge of the fascia in places to match the scenic profile, but the strip is pretty narrow (150mm = 6"). Not suited for layouts with very thick benchwork but perfect for my shelf-layout.

I also used it for the lighting valence on the face of the upper deck. Along with curtains it now looks pretty good, I think.

and makes a good impression from outside the room