Crew Rights

1. All crew must have fun – it’s compulsory
2. All crew deserve respect: opinions will be solicited and heard, opportunities shared, courtesy shown.
3. We all have to learn some time. We will all help each other learn, so everyone gets a go at some point if they want to. (Just try not to learn on some highly visible scenic detail or a craftsman structure kit or a collectors’ piece carriage, OK?)
4. Seniority counts: the more you put in (time and effort), the more you can expect back. (This will be especially important when the operating jobs and work jobs are handed out: everyone wants to be the yardmaster or to install sound FX).
5. You don’t do what you don’t want to – this is play.
6. Resting isn’t loafing (at first).
7. Partners and kids have priority for joining the crew.
8. We will arrange occasional activities involving partners and kids too (SPL kid’s session, excursions, dinners…).
9. You are welcome to bring visitors to see SPL. Please do it outside crew nights, and by prior arrangement with Rob
10. Beers and supper are on Rob.