The Exhibitor's Layout

In 2007 I entered a Model Railroader track planning competiton with The Exhibitor’s Layout. It was avariant of the thinking behind Port Bonifacio. It didn't rate.

Among layout builders, there are Operators, who want to perform complicated sequences with their trains (usually replicating the way real railroads work); there are Preservationists who want to replicate a slice of space and time; and there are Builders for whom the journey is more important than the destination – the ones who rip it all out and start again with layout number five.

This layout is for a group who get less attention from layout designers: those who like to show their models off. Perhaps they build them, perhaps they collect them, but for them the biggest pleasure is showing the models, often to non-modellers. I call us Exhibitors. This is the Exhibitor’s layout I designed for the competition, which is similar to the layout I am building at home.

Read the full text and plans here (much of the text is the same as articles on this website, since the proposed Exhibitor's Layout and the actual Port Bonifacio layout) are very similar