Visitors' Rules

If some of this seems a bit blunt, sorry, but it is better to make this stuff clear and avoid any misunderstandings.

  1. Safety first. Stay away from all tools. Don’t poke around under the layout or anywhere there is wiring (almost everything is safe low voltages but better safe than sorry).

    The Short Version

    • Don't touch anything
    • Don't let kids touch anything
    • Don't borrow anything
    • No messing around

  2. Please do not touch anything until invited to do so. Before you ask: yes, most of what you see was very expensive and took an awful lot of work to make. Almost everything is fragile. Parents are responsible for restraining their children.
  3. I seldom lend anything (tools, materials, books) so please don’t be offended when I say no. Anything removed offsite (e.g. to work on) is agreed by me and goes in a register so I don’t forget.
  4. We will happily run your rolling stock or locos on the SPL where it meets SPL standards.
  5. Clowning around and practical jokes are funny unless they impact safety, are overdone, or diminish other people’s enjoyment.
  6. Trains operate: they don’t race or crash. These are not toys.