Port Bonifacio

An HO double-deck sectional shelf railroad featuring double track Southern Pacific main somewhere near Port Costa in San Francisco, a steam museum, two decks and a train elevator, all in a 10 foot by 11 foot study while still making room for a workshop, windows on two walls and a wall full of bookcases!

First runFirst run

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The elevator, known as the TranzDeck, works! 2 metres long, moves 300mm in a couple of seconds, double track, electricallly interlocked, video monitored...

Upper deck permanent shelving installed. lighting wired and working.

styrene backdrop coved in two directions , i.e. curves to "ceiling" (underside of staging deck) and curves round corners, almost all installed - last corner being finished. San francisco bay is so foggy i just may leave it white, at least for now. Since the lower deck is sectional i can pull it out to paint the backdrop any time.

Sectional shelving for the lower deck all constructed, painted, installed, as well as lift bridge at doorway.

Control panel constructed, now wiring and installing sub-panels.

Digitrax DCC control system left over from previous layout so all components work, including DecoderPro, PanelPro control of Tortoises via DS54s, radio and IR throttle control, RX4 transponding... Started re-installing.

Starting to wire sections and install components.

Next lay a loop of track.

Update: sadly the Port Bonifacio is no more - we moved. Most emphasis will be on G scale in the garden in a new location. But some of the HO is boxed up and there are a few shelves that could house dioramas so...