The Wettington and Mahawatu Railway Company

A G-scale narrow-gauge garden railroad, vaguely based on a New Zealand prototype. The Wellington and Manawatu Railway Company that ran within a mile of here, was new Zealand's only major private railroad, built on 3'6", and was based on mostly US equipment.

From the garden where the layout was being built you can see the old W&MR mainline, including 6 tunnels and one of the steeper banks on the line. It is now part of the main line of the national railways, but the part we can see is so sheer it is still single track.
See here, here, and here for contemporary views. Somehow the romance is gone from Wellington and Manawatu days. For more information, see,, and sing along to "the Big Bull yank".

The name can be changed from the prototype's by the addition of two small lines: "ll" to "tt" and "n" to "h".

Scale is anywhere from 1:20 to 1:24.

Early stages of construction: landscaping using interlocking concrete blocks and old bricks.

A transfer table that holds six trains up to 1.6m has been built in the basement.

Update: sadly the W&MR version 1 is no more - we moved. W&MR version 2 will rise again in a new location.