Mounting a Digitrax Zephyr on a panel

Not only do Digitrax's user interfaces suck, but so too do their hardware aesthetics. So many DCS100 chiefs I've seen sitting forlornly on a little shelf under the layout - just an ugly little metal box. At least a Zephyr can be prettied up a bit.

I cut a black styrene surround about 10mm wide, with the inner cutout exactly matched to the size of the inner lip on the Zephyr case that is exposed when you loosen the screws (and void your warranty I presume) and crack the case open, i.e. about 2mm smaller than the outer dimensions of the case. then i cut one of the four sides off, slid the three-sided bit into the crack in the case, slipped the fourth side in, tightened the screws, and cemented the fourth side back on. I ran a bead of styrene cement all round the casing. even if the casing isn't styrene, the black styrene will soften and adhere a bit.