Mounting a RRAmpMeter on a panel

I added a RRAmpMeter (from Tony's Trains) to the TranzPanel.
I had to cut the ends off it to fit it in (it uses much too much panel real-estate anyway).
I soldered screw terminals to wire it into the panel.
then I mounted it against the back of a piece of black styrene using white plastic spacers to match the digital readout thickness; with a piece of red translucent plastic (off some old toy of Jack's) flush-mounted in the opening above the digital readout. i cut the tops off the "AC" and "DCC" LEDs to give clearance behind the panel, as I know full well what I am feeding to it - it is direct wired to the output of the Zephyr next to it. (I bought another RRAmpMeter II to replace it as a portable track power meter)