Laying out track markings

I use a simple styrene template of a 90-degree track curve with an easement to tangent on one end. One side of the template is 580mm radius, the other 650mm.

i've seen all sorts of lareg trammels for drawing curves and tips to use a camera tripod with a trammel to mark out curves where the centre is in the aisle.

For me there is seldom any point: all curves are usually 180 degress or less, so my styrene template suffices.

Likewise I've messed around with bending sticks to aly out easements but the work is fiddly and the variances negligible, so i do it once to get the easement curve on the template and then use that for all cases. Even if the space for the easement is a bit squeezed, i can use parts of the template to give a close-enough approximation, well within the tolerances.

remember that by the time you lay cork along the marked line, then glue down track along the cork, the variations introduced by track shifting as you glue and you fudging things a bit to get them fit mean that the original markings only need to be +/- say 3mm in HO.

Actual turnouts are their own templates. This helps to see just how far they can be trimmed back if need be. I believe my eyecrometer is accurate enough to get them aligned square to the tangent.