Insurance inventory

I have built an online system on this website to manage my inventory of locos, rolling stock, track, electronics, structures, vehicles, books, DVDs...

I'm curious as to whether others would want to use this site to record their own inventories. Contact me if you might be interested.

it provides

  • data stored offsite (in Utah actually), backed up daily
  • export data to CSV (=Excel), printable HTML, or MS-Word document. Coming soon: PDF
  • you can invite a friend to have access to it: to help maintain the data, or to be trustees of it should something happen to you
  • fairly secure system, and no personal data recorded about you to identify where the items are physically located (well almost no data: a determined hacker could get your IP address. Have you ever written a letter or article for a MR magazine, attended a MR convention, or invited someone to see your layout? Then you are putting it at much greater risk than recording your IP address on this site)
  • Multiple, sortable views of the data
  • Images
  • parent-child relationships between items (e.g. a decoder is in a loco)

if people did make use of it, I would probably not charge a fee, even though most of us would have a LOT of items :)