Aligning track at sections, modules, lift-outs etc...

the Port Bonifacio layout employs several different techniques for aligning track at joins.


The Brits are big on using these. Hold firmly, easily adjustable, cheap. i find one on one side is enough.

Atlas rerailers

On the TranzDeck train elevator, track alignment is controlled by Atlas rerailers. I fill them with two-part Araldite epoxy glue on the outside of the rails to hold the rails even more solidly than they already do, reduce the flangeway clearance with thin strips of styrene, then I saw them in half widthways. The rail ends are lightly filed to a rounded edge so as not to pick a wheel. The halves are glued down with caulk, aligned with each other each side of the gap, with minimum clearance between, about 2mm. they do the same job as soldering the rails to screw-heads or to PC-board strip, but the half-rerailers do of course also rerail anything not perfectly on track as it apporaches the gap. perhaops i should use them the other way round to rerail anything that comes off? Or better, add another half rerailer facing the other way outside them.

A PC board tie

Most joins between sections will be aligned using a C-clamp and the rail itself will be reinforced by soldering the ends to a sleeper (tie) cut from printed circuit board. The PCB tie is glued to a stack of cork, to be even firmer than the camping mat sub-radbed.


Here are some other designs I have seen on layout tours