Locomotive standards

• We can accommodate DC drives on special occasions, but in general all locos must be DCC equipped.
• Track design assumes all-wheel pickup
• Kadee-compatible couplers at correct height
• Wheels in gauge
Level 1 (all locos)
• Wheels in gauge
• all-wheel pickup
• DCC: address matches last two digits of road number
• sound unless it won’t fit
• Digitrax transponding (later)
• directional lighting with ultra-bright orange/white LEDs (eventually).
• weathered.
• Kadee “air hose” uncoupler levers removed.
• real couplers front and back (possible exception for first class passenger locos).
Level 2 (selected locos)
• Cab lights, fibre-optic ditch lights for diesels
• Firebox flicker for steam
• Super detailing