TranzDoor lifting door bridge

This is a fairly standard lifting bridge across the doorway, except for a couple of unusual aspects.

it is mounted on kitchen door hinges which swing away before lifting, so that they can mount below track level and still not tear the ends of the track off.

there are in fact two levels on the bridge. they were two to start with but it was too much hassle so i merged them into one. there is a double track main on a down gardient on the top one and a side track to the museum on an up gradient on the lower one. no track laid yet but it looks like it will work fine.

The bridge is held tight by two suitcase latches - not re-installed yet after painting.

it is held in the raised position by a small sprung cupboard latch.

the bridge is made from curved pieces of 12mm ply - pretty much the same trackbed as anywhere else on the layout except slightly wider. the sides are 7mm ply wetted and curved, then glued on with exterior-grade PVA. once the sides are on it is very rigid. the hionges and suitcase latches and the shaped "docking" areas make it very rigid.

This bizarre shape is what the bridge docks into, as well as being an anchor point onto one of the shelf brackets - its weird shape just evolved from small pieces of pine glued together and shaped.

The TranzDoor is painted with "spray stone" from a can to represent the world seen from the underside. not as effective as layouts I have seen painted on the fascia to look like rock strata but a quick substitute.