The original SPL - a basement layout

HO, Southern Pacific / New Zealand combined (a what if scenario: after WWII New Zealand was so damaged that the USA rebuilt the railroads and owned them).

Jack's layout

An 8-year-old's un-named portable N-scale railroad that fits in a double closet and runs ATSF and UP prototypes.

Single track folded loop with yard and one passing siding. DC controlled.

Port Bonifacio

An HO double-deck sectional shelf railroad featuring double track Southern Pacific main somewhere near Port Costa in San Francisco, a steam museum, two decks and a train elevator, all in a 10 foot by 11 foot study while still making room for a workshop, windows on two walls and a wall full of bookcases!

The Wettington and Mahawatu Railway Company

A G-scale narrow-gauge garden railroad, vaguely based on a New Zealand prototype. The Wellington and Manawatu Railway Company that ran within a mile of here, was new Zealand's only major private railroad, built on 3'6", and was based on mostly US equipment.

Creating wooden spline trackbed

Some of the W&MR is on the ground in a gravel roadbed, and some is elevated through gardens.

Wettington and Mahawatu Rwy Version 3 work comences

The Wettington and Mahawatu Railway Company has reformed and work has commenced on the Wettington and Mahawatu Railway Mark 3. I'll call it Version 3.

W&MR 2.5 proposed trackplan


More continuous running

another W&MR dies

A marriage breakup led to the need to sell the house. So the railroad had to be demolished. It has been gone for a few months but I only now felt like blogging about it.

Trestle bridge

The Wettington and Mahawatu Railway finally has its trestle bridge.

Eliminating small-radius turnouts

The throat into the Wettington storage shed was re-laid with Peco medium-radius turnouts. they are cheaper, look good, and seem better quality than Aristocraft.

Informal running evening

A few of the garden railway club came around on Friday evening for some casual running

W&MR pre-opening test run with Wellington Garden Railway Club

A most succcessful day was had with a dozen friends from the garden railway club.

Two live steamers. The steam-up track proved its worth.

Gwire control

Time to make some notes on the Gwire radio control system I am using.

W&MR trackplan

Just a rough sketch for now...


Mount Kaukau coming along

The railroad will have a steep spiral track climbing a "mountain" to test the climbing abilities of folks' Shays etc...

Styrene tunnel liner

After giving up on finding irrigation pipe at 300mm diameter and lengths of only 2m, I have used black 2mm styrene sheet as a tunnel liner on two tunnels.

All track foundations near finished

here we see the second rail line snaking through the trees. The first higher line is above it, almost finished (some paint touchup).

train shed

The new train shed is done.

Based on a custom-made DuraTuf shed kit: I ordered a special one only 1.2m high, all one dark colour (no trim colour), with double doors for maximum access.

first run

First test run of the Airwire radio-controlled Bachman 2-6-0 was about 1st of march 2012. of course I didn't think to photograph or video.

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