The realism of garden railroading

Part of the joy of outdoor model railroading is that so many elements are similar to the prototype. I level my right of way with a spade. I lay track in gravel ballast.

Railways I'd like to ride one day

The world is full of enticing railroads to ride. One day I hope my son and I will share:

Dual mode DC and DCC

People ask about wiring a layout for both DC and DCC. Don't do it.

The Exhibitor's Layout

In 2007 I entered a Model Railroader track planning competiton with The Exhibitor’s Layout. It was avariant of the thinking behind Port Bonifacio. It didn't rate.

The future of model railroading

Through a hole in the fabric of space/time, an article from the March 2012 Model Railroader has somehow appeared on Terry Thompson’s PC.

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