What if the USA ran New Zealand Railways?

When modelling the prototype, we distort reality to meet the constraints of our environment.

Unconventional materials

On the South Pacific lines we try out unconventional or innovative materials, while using traditional approaches where reliability might otherwise be at risk.

steel framing

The Exhibitor's Layout

In 2007 I entered a Model Railroader track planning competiton with The Exhibitor’s Layout. It was avariant of the thinking behind Port Bonifacio. It didn't rate.

Visitors' Rules

If some of this seems a bit blunt, sorry, but it is better to make this stuff clear and avoid any misunderstandings.

FAQ for visitors

To answer some of the most common questions:


Roles of people visiting/using the layouts, with rules and levels of certification for each role.

Crew Rules

If some of this seems a bit blunt, sorry, but it is better to make this stuff clear and avoid any future misunderstandings.

1. We do it my way. My money, my house, my vision. That said, I intend to be consultative, but once I’ve heard ideas and opinions, it’s my call.
2. Safety first. Leave mains voltages to me. Use eye protection. Power and paint tools are for approved users only. Drink in moderation.
3. Everything is at your own risk.

Crew Rights

1. All crew must have fun – it’s compulsory
2. All crew deserve respect: opinions will be solicited and heard, opportunities shared, courtesy shown.
3. We all have to learn some time. We will all help each other learn, so everyone gets a go at some point if they want to. (Just try not to learn on some highly visible scenic detail or a craftsman structure kit or a collectors’ piece carriage, OK?)

Design and construction principles

Principles behind especially the HO Port Bonifacio layout, in descending order of importance:

This is the foundation principle. SPL needs to work flawlessly, or as close as we can get. “Like a Swiss watch”. Operating is no fun if things go wrong, nor is just showing off our work to visitors. I have no patience for things that don’t work. Personally, getting things smooth does not give me great pleasure for its own sake, but failing to do so destroys the pleasure I get from the next four principles:


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