W&MR rises again: version 2.5

The recently demolished Wettington and Mahawatu Railway will be back.

Unable to bear losing the house, I'll be trying to finance staying here with my son.

So YAY! The railroad W&MR 2 will be rebuilt. Version 2.5

I'll take the opportunity to fix a few things:
I'll skip the mountain, keep the area flat. More room for people to stand, a bit of grass for my dog.
The elevated track through the trees was so successful I'll make it more extensive with a bigger loop.
There will be less sidings: this time the loop will be double - more running, less switching.
I won't even attempt track power. But I'll use the wiring for turnout motors, lights and gadgets.
And this time I'll finish the building flats and "cartoon" buildings.

Much infrastructure is still there:
Power supplies

So I hope it will be back running in a a year or two, assuming I can continue to afford the house. Here's hoping!