Last Run

The Pukerua Bay wind stayed away, the mist and drizzle washed the tracks, then the watery autumn sun warmed the railroad for the Grand Opening and the Last Run.

Grand Opening and Final Run

We're moving, just as the W&MR nears completion. Sad but true, house already sold, and the new owner doesn't want the railroad. So up it all comes.

The realism of garden railroading

Part of the joy of outdoor model railroading is that so many elements are similar to the prototype. I level my right of way with a spade. I lay track in gravel ballast.

Demolishing a railroad

It is a tough call to demolish a railroad. it is an even tougher call to retire from one scale and sell all your gear. But that is what I am doing.

More summer running on the outdoor Wettington and Mahawatu Railway

Running in the reverse direction from the previous video.

Running trains!

The dual-track loop is completed, the first train ran a full circuit in early November, and a dozen friends from a local model railway club assembled on a chilly evening to watch trains run with no major problems!!

W&MR trains are rolling...just

The first garden railway loco moved today.

Much gandydancing on the W&MR

Serious progress on the roadbed, more than half done. About 70% of the main loop has roadbed.

WMR: tracklaying commenced

Ugh! Nearly a year since last post. these are hard times. Too busy writing books and chasing work.

WMR: landscape levelled

grading done, ordered last lot of blocks to finish retaining walls, about to lay track in cement "grade crossing' for pedestrian access

TranzDeck installed, shelf brackets up

tranzDeck II built

Scenery on jack's layout

photos from around this time

TranzDeck version 1

Ugly thing, using two car jacks. vibrated too much

Planning jack's layout

kill the beast

Soemwhere in 2005, the beast in the basement was abandoned as too cold, too lonely and too far from the family

Experiments with DC throttles

First run of the original SPL

The SPL inaugural run was on or about this date.

First venture into DCC and loco sound

I have photos from this time of the first sound-equipped diesel

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